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Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

Oil Tank Saver Kit

Fits the following sleds:

Apex from 06-14

Attak 06-07

RX-1 03-05

RX Warrior 04-05

Vector 05-07

Rage 05-07

FX Nytro (all models) 08-14

The oil tanks on the models listed above are notoriously known for developing stress cracks which cause oil leaks or broken mount tabs. The lower mounting tab is the most frequent area of failure on the flat style tanks. The round style tanks used on the FX Nytro usually fail on the upper mount tabs.

Our oil tank saver kit utilizes rubber isolation dampers to help isolate the tank from the stresses imposed on the tank from chassis flex. The dampers we supply in our kit have a working range suitable to the extreme cold temps snowmobiles experience. The kit is very simple to install as all dampers have metric threads that match up the the machine threads. The oem mounting bolts are then used to secure the tank to our isolation dampers. Because the isolation dampers step the tank out from the orignal location some hoses are a little too short. To address this, the kit comes with barbed hose fittings and clamps to splice into the hoses and create the extra length needed.

Pricing is as follows:

Apex & RX-1....$43

FX Nytro....$43

Vector, Rage & Venture 05-07...$47

Rubber isolators thread into or onto existing holes and studs on machine. The factory tank mounting hardware is then used to secure the tank to the isolators.

Hoses that do not have enough slack get spliced and connected as shown above and below. On the Vector, Rage, and RS Nytro there are (3) splices, on the FX Nytro there are (2) splices, and on the RX-1, Apex, & Attack there is (1) splice.

Cracked Apex/RX-1 Tank

Broken Nytro Tank

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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