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HD 4th wheel spacer kit with plastic delete for 19+

This kit adds a 4th wheel kit to the axle and also eliminates all the plastic spacers on the rear axle. The billet outside spacers fully encapsulate the track tension adjuster bolts to reduce stress on the nut holders. In addition they prevent the adjuster bolts from making contact with axle directly which prevents nicks/burrs from occurring on the axle. The design also allows almost full use of the rail slot which yields more track adjustment range.  Kit will work with OEM wheels and HD aftermarket wheels. 

Complete Spacer kit with no wheels...$75

Spacer kit for just the outside wheels...$50

Spacer kit with (1) matching oem wheel...$95

Spacer kit with (2) HD wheels for inside rails....$155

Spacer kit with (4) HD wheels...$235

Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

4th Wheel Kit Options for Sidewinder, Viper, Venom

4th wheel kit with HD Rubber Wheels for 19+

This kit adds a 4th wheel to the axle and includes an additional wheel to upgrade both inboard wheels to heavy duty. The HD wheel has rubber and uses wider bearing. This kit only eliminates the inboard plastic spacer. Still requires use of the stock  OEM outside plastic stand offs.  Retail is $105. 

Std 4th Wheel Kit for 19+

This kit is the most economical kit to add a 4th wheel to the rear axle. The kit simply adds an oem matching wheel inside the rails. This kit eliminates the inboard plastic spacer, but still requires use of the stock OEM outside plastic spacers.  Retail  $55

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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