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Multi Rate Big Boy Spring for Mono Shock Suspension

Available for:

06-15 Apex

05 RX-1

06-07 Rage

06-07 Attak

08-15 Vector LTX

08-10 Apex LTX

03-04 RX-1

04-05 RX Warrior

05 Rage

New for 22-23 season we now have multi rate big boy springs available for the pro action skid found in the 03-04 RX1, 04-05 Warrior and 05 Rage. 

The big boy springs Yamaha offers for the mono shocks are a single rate. Most riders install the big boy springs to prevent the skid from bottoming on the large bumps. The trade off by doing this is that a single rate spring will harshen the ride quality on smaller bumps. Our solution to this is the multi rate spring, which is a progressive rate spring. These springs are wound so they have two rates in the same spring. These springs allow a rider to have bottoming resistance without compromising the small bump ride quality.

The springs are a direct replacement for the factory spring. The shock body does not need to be machined or altered to accept our multi rate springs.

We basically make these springs to order based on the customer preferences. As a std we typically start the spring with the stock spring rate and then transition to one of the heavier big boy rates. For example an apex 121 stock spring rate is 4.5 kg. If rider is happy with ride quality on small studder bumps but bottoms hard on the occasional wash out we may opt to supply a 4.5 to 6.0 spring.

If interested in purchasing one of these springs contact us.

Sell Price is $180 for any rate combo. They can be ordered in the online store.

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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