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Axle Holders for 14-18 Models

These axle holders replace the cast aluminum pieces that are prone to cracking on the 14-18 models that came with the bolted together tri hub wheels. They are machined to fit my 1/2" solid axle, but reduce bushings are included so they are a direct fit with the stock axle setup.

They can be used in the stock location but I suggest moving them to the outside and flipping the nut holders so that the tensioner bolts are more easily accessible like the 19+ models. To do this you just take the stock washer on outside of rail and move it to the inside in place of the axle holder.

You can also order the axle holders with the optional standoffs to maintain your 4th wheel kit and have the easier access tension bolts. Standoffs accept Yamaha wheels with 6004 bearing or aftermarket wheels with 6304 bearing. 

Retail for Axle holder set...$40

Retail for Axle Holder set with 4th wheel stand offs...$70

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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