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Belly Pan Protector For Sidewinder

For all models

At the tail end of the 22/23 season I implemented a change on this product. The gen 1 design was constructed of .080 thickness material. There were reports of the rear tab cracking over time so I decided to increase material thickness to .125 for added strength. We also revised the cut profile by the bend line to help reduce the risk of stress crack formation. The gen 2 version of this product started shipping in March of 2023.

This belly pan protector protects the belly pan from blown belt damage. A broken belly pan could allow snow and water to reach belt and clutches making it inoperable. This protector was designed to be a bolt in, so it can easily be removed along the trail in the event that a blown belt severely damage the protector and cause interference with the clutches. The kit consists of formed lower panel that matches plastic contour and an upper plate to protect the area around the a arms. Stainless steel pan head bolts and flanged lock nuts are included. For installation, the easiest method is to remove the primary clutch, mount the rear tab on caliper and use holes in the protector as a guide to drill the panel. For those that don't have a clutch puller, you can download a template at the top of page and drill from the outside of panel. The upper protector can be drilled with the primary clutch in place.

Sell Price is $60

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