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SR Viper Fuse Box Relocate

Fits all SR Vipers

This kit will relocate the fuse box so fuses are accessible with just removal of clutch side panel. In the factory location fuses are quite difficult to access and the function labeling is not visible.

Bracket mounts to frame by utilizing the two belt guard mounting holes. Longer bolts will be provided.

Bracket contains hole pattern to match up the the factory fuse box bracket. Lock nuts are supplied to secure the fuse block to bracket using the original factory bolts.

All holes are laser cut for precise and consistent fit ups. Material is 1/8" aluminum

.Sell price is $95.

Note: The kit no longer includes a fan jumper lead as we have found it is not required.

Fuse box shown in new location via the mounting bracket. Bracket also allows for belt storage.

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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