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Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

Used Engine Inventory

With the Yamaha 4 stroke engines gaining popularity in other applications this page was created to publish a list of engines currently in stock. I do not sell any engines that I've never heard run. All motors I sell were removed personally from sleds myself that I have driven or ran on a stand in my shop. Many motors come from dealer trade ins or sleds I've purchased privately so I have a background history on the units. As with all inventory, motors are stored indoors after removed from a sled. 

For those interested in installing a Yamaha Engine in experimental aircraft, there are several people machining adapters that make installing a gearbox a direct bolt on to a Yamaha 4 stroke snowmobile engine. I will be happy to put you in contact with these people to further assist you in your project.

If you don't see a motor listed that you like contact me. I always have lines on sleds for sale and buy most of my sleds based on sales demand. 

Engine Categories and Inventory List

Genesis 80 hp- Fuel Injected- 2 cylinder - 499cc

Used in: 07-18 Phazer, 07-18 Venture Lite & MP

2008 with 13k miles

Genesis 120 hp- Carbureted - 3 cylinder - 973cc

Used in: 05-09 Vector, 05-07 Rage, 08-0 Vector LTX, 05-17 RS Venture, 06-15 VK Professional

2005 with 1.7k miles

2005 with 11k miles

2006 with 7k miles

2009 with 12k miles

Genesis 130 hp Gen 2- Fuel Injected - 3 cylinder - 1049cc - YCCT Drive Mode

Used in: 16-17 Vector & Vector XTX, 16-17 Venture TF models

Genesis 130 hp Gen 1 - Fuel Injected - 3 cylinder - 1049cc

Used In: 10-15 Vector, 10-15 Vector LTX, 09-15 Venture GT & TF

2011 miles unknown...overheated

Genesis 135 hp Gen (2)- Fuel Injected - 3 cylinder - 1049cc - Arctic Cat Electronics & ECU

Used in: all 2014-2019 SR Viper models

2014 with 16k miles

Genesis 135 hp Gen 1 - Fuel Injected- 3 cylinder- 1049cc - Yamaha/Mitubishi Electronics & ECU

Used in: all 08-14 FX Nytro models

2008 miles unknown...overheated

Genesis 140 hp - Carbureted - 4 cylinder- 998cc

Used in: 03-05 RX-1, 04-05 RX Warrior, 03-05 RX-1 Mountain

2003 with 8k miles

2004 with 10k miles


Genesis 150 hp - Fuel Injected- 4 cylinder- 998cc

Used in: 06-10 Apex, 06-07 Attak, 08-10 Apex LTX, 06-10 Apex MTX

08 with 5k miles

07 with 7.4k miles

Genesis 160 hp - Fuel Injected - 4 cylinder - EXUP exhaust - 998CC

Used in: 11-18 Apex, 11-18 Apex SE, 11-18 Apex XTX

2011 with 6.2k miles

2015 with 9.8k miles

Genesis 200 hp- Fuel Injected- Turbo Charged- 3 cylinder- 998CC

Used in: All Sidewinders

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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