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DMC Top Gear

23/24 Gear Issues:


During the 22/23 season OEM gears were outsourced to a different supplier and they were inferior in quality. This only affected 21T gears sold by DMC. If you received a 21T gear from me between 11/1/22 and 1/30/23 it is likely the inferior gear. All purchased from me after 2/1/23 use the original style OEM gears like prior years and are good to go. 

DMC is replacing all of these inferior gears so if you have not switched it out please reach out to me. 

Photo below compares the two gears. The top gear in photo is the questionable gear and has a gold appearance when new. The spline depth is also full depth, where as the quality  good gear is not and looks like it has a groove for a snap ring. 

The top gear bushing has been a premature wear item on the Sidewinder and requires annual upkeep. Life of the bushing varies from one sled to the next so even annual inspection is not always enough. When this bushing wear becomes too excessive the end result is often a trip ending costly repair. The bushing is much wider to better distribute the load. Barn of Parts felt this is the most robust solution on the market and would compliment our existing line of products offered to improve reliability of the Sidewinder. 

DMC also makes brass shift fork pads to replace the plastic oem pads. These pads are critical to keeping the drive cogs properly engaged. If the pads break and dislodge from the fork then the gear can float and full cog engagement is no longer present. 

Combining the DMC gear with DMC brass helps provide some much needed piece of mind for the chaincase reliability. 

Presently the DMC gears are only available for Sidewinder. Shift fork pads fit Viper & Sidewinder.

Gear Retail Price is $165

Brass Shift Pads are $40 per set

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