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Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

Extrovert Track Drivers

 Whal Brothers

Fits the following sleds:

Phazer 07-14

Apex 06-09

Attak 06-07

Vector 05-09

Rage 05-07

Rx-1 03-05

RX Warrior 04-05

RS Nytro 06-07

FX Nytro 08-14

Starting in 2010 Yamaha started offering extrovert drivers from factory on the Apex and Vector models. Prior to Yamaha adding them they have been a popular upgrade with the use of aftermarket drivers such as Whal Brothers.

To run extroverts all track windows must be open. The stock ripsaw tracks on many Yamaha sleds have every third window open so they will need to be cut open if not replacing the track. It was always our belief that the tracks must also be fully clipped to run extroverts, but after discovering that the SR Viper sleds have extroverts and are not fully clipped we no longer believe that.

Running extroverts allows the track tension to be run looser as extroverts will prevent "racheting" or track slip on the drivers. A looser track results in reduced hyfax wear.

We will also be selling used shafts with the extroverts already pressed onto the shaft. Contact us for pricing on a complete assembly ready to install. 

Note: All sleds with the proaction suspension ( 03-04 RX-1, 04-05 RX Warrior, and 05 Rage) will require teeth to be machined down for clearance. We can provide this service if need be. Please contact me before ordering.

Whal Brothers Extrovert

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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