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Upper Idler Wheel Puller​

Fits all 14-22 SR Viper & Sidewinder Models

The upper idler wheels are often times quite stubborn to remove, and many customers have destroyed the wheels in the process of getting them off. Arctic cat makes a special puller but at $350 it is quite pricey.  I've come up with a much more affordable solution that I will retail for $40. This will fit upper wheels on all 129, 137 and 141 models. See below for instructions on how it works. 

Step 1.  

Place the slotted wheel backer on the outside and drill (2) 5/16" holes through your wheels. 

Step 2

Place the backer on the inside of wheel. Assemble the puller as show. The serrated flange nuts go on inside. Washers go under the bolt head.

Step 3

Alternate back and forth threading the bolts in a few turns at a time until the wheel is removed. Can easily be done by hand with a 3/8" ratchet or use a small impact gun for quicker removal. 

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