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Intercooler Grill

All Sidewinders

gen 3 grill_edited.jpg

Hardware sequence for lower mount

The intercooler on the sidewinder is prone to getting plugged with snow and ice as evident in the first photo above. This grill eliminates the lower ledge where snow accumulates and allows for snow to just drop off. In addition there is no gridwork like the OEM grill for for snow and ice to freeze behind. On the OEM grill once that snow and ice freezes in place the only way to clear it is to let it thaw out in a heated shop.


 For the 23-24 season we have redesigned the grill again. The gen 3 version now requires no trimming of the nose cone. The only modification required is drilling (2) 9/64" holes. The guard still retains the peel and stick frogzskin vents which will allow for easy replacement if one gets torn. The OEM stone guard/grate is also still retained behind the grill. Final finish is matte black powdercoat. Retail is $130.

Off the shelf peel and stick vent being used. The guard utilizes 2 of these. They will also be available in the online store for individual purchase if replacement is needed.

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