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Dual Fan Kit for FX Nytro

For all FX Nytro Models

The Nytro is plagued with overheating issues in marginal conditions. We've come up with a kit that adds an additional fan to the radiator to pull more cold air through the radiator and improve cooling efficiency. The kit utilizes an aluminum shroud which bolts to the back side of the radiator. The stock fan then gets mounted to the shroud as well as the additional fan. No mods or steering relocate needed for installation of the kit. Hardware is included as well as a pig tail with the electrical plug for the apex/vector fan.

The extra fan is the same fan used on the apex and vector sleds, and we supply a used fan with the kit if you opt for it. We will also sell just the mounting plate and hardware for those that want to source their own fan or already have one laying around.

Note: The kit will not work with a trail tank unless a steering relocate is used.

Sell Price is $125 for the complete kit with used fan. Kits with no fan are $95.

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