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Cross Shaft Saver

All Sidewinders & SR Vipers

See Video Below for Install Guide

For the 23/24 season we have revised the length of the tube to incorporate some machined step washers as shown above.  These new washers are used in place of stacking (2) std washers on each side and will allow for easier installation. With a dab of grease, these washers will stay in place when installing the shaft into the tunnel. 


The 129 and 137 Torsion spring skids utilize an aluminum cross shaft in the tunnel to secure the front pivot arm of rear skid. These shafts are prone to bending and even shearing off under extreme cases. The cross shaft saver kit reinforces the original shaft by utilizing a steel sleeve that gets slid over the aluminum shaft. The oem flanged steel bushings are no longer needed and each is replaced by 2 washers. The kit utilizes the original shaft mounting bolts.


Final finish is a black powdercoat.

Retail for the kit is $60.

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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