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Nytro & Phazer Spindle Bushing Kit

Fits 07-14 Phazer & Nytro

Does not work with Mountain Skis

bushing kit.jpg

Those that have been around on TY for years will recall the UP Bushman bushing kit. He discontinued this product so I reached out to him about making a similar kit using his concept and he gave me the green light to proceed.


This kit eliminates the slop that these spindles notoriously have. Instead of 2 split bi metal bushings we use a full spindle width stainless bushing. Often times outside edges of the hole in spindle get egged, so the full length bushing trues everything up again. If your holes are egged excessively i recommend some JB weld to fill in any gaps. The pivot pin is also stainless and we use plastic offset spacers to eliminate the chance of the assembly being corroded together like the factory set up is a thing of the past.  When installing be sure to grease the pivot pin/and bushing.

Sold as a pair to do both spindles on a machine for $150

bushing comp.jpg

This photo compares the OEM hardware that is being replaced with my kit. We added the shim washer thickness to the plastic bushings so they are no longer used. 

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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