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Skid Plates / Access Panels

SR Viper/ Sidewinder Full Skid Plate $90

Plate will be 3/16" 6061 aluminum with natural finish. Powder coating is a custom option.

No rivet drilling required. Plate clears existing rivets in chassis to sit flush against the stock belly pan.

Plate will conform around lower side panels towards rear. No need to remove lower side panels to get plate off.

Mounts with (4) bolts that thread into existing holes in chassis, so still easy removal for oil changes.

Note: The shim plates riveted to skid plate are to make up for the stock panels that get removed. We find that these stock panels/plates get bent and can prevent the skid plate from properly fitting up. Be sure to remove the stock access plates 32 &35 as shown below before installing. 

RX/Apex/Vector Oil Pan Access Panels $30 Fits:

03-05 RX-1

05-09 Vector

06-07 Attak

08-09 Apex LTX

06-07 Rage

08-09 Vector LTX

06-09 Apex

05-09 RS Venture

These plates are a direct replacement for the flimsy plastic panel that comes from factory. They are 1/8" Aluminum and will mount using the factory hardware. The stock panel is not rigid enough and when it gets pushed upward towards the oil pan, it allows for objects to catch on the front heat exchanger as shown in the photo below.

FX Nytro Skid Plates $70

Fits all FX Nytro Models from 08-14

3/16" 6000 series Aluminum. With no sharp bends in our design we are not required to use a softer series aluminum. 6000 series aluminum makes for a very robust plate.

Removable without taking lower side panels off. Solid metal to metal fit up. Plate requires some minor plastic trimming to allow this. Installation instructions provide info on where to cut. It's an easy task with tin snips or a multi tool etc. By not sandwiching the plastic it helps ensure the bolts won't loosen up as plastic compresses over time.

Plate has an angled return on front so there is no square edge to catch on objects

Plate extends beyond front heat exchanger to help ensure struck objects won't catch on lower lip of exchanger.

Plate mounts to subframe utilizing threaded clips and bolts. No more plastic push pins! Mounting bolts are countersunk for smooth snag free underside.

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