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Solid Axle Kit

All 14-18 Sidewinder & SR Viper

This is a true solid axle kit that uses a long 1/2" diameter  bolt for an axle. The 1/2" diameter matches the rail slot width so no rail modifications are needed. The 1/2" axle is more robust than the stock M10 (3/8") mounting bolts. All spacers and sleeves are machined from 6061 Aluminum. 

In addition to being a stronger design, the solid axle also provides a truer alignment of the wheels.

The kit is quite versatile when it comes to the wheels that can be used. It accepts the stock tri hub and Yamaha add on 4th wheel kit wheels with 6004 bearings. In addition, if one has a wheel kit that used wheels with 6205 bearings, those wheels can be used if 6304 bearings are installed. 

This versatility will allow many to utilize wheels they already have. The spacers and stand offs are machined to accept the wider 6304 bearings, so to use the narrower 6004 bearing wheels the provided shim washers are used.

NEW for 21-22 Season is the addition of billet axle holders/track tensioners. Previously one would drill out the stock cast pieces to accept the 1/2" axle. These were still the weak link of the axle setup so we designed some billet aluminum ones. These new pieces are available for purchase separately if you have an existing kit that did not have them. 

Axle Kit... $150

7.125" HD wheel with 6304 bearing...$30

8" HD wheel with 6304 bearing...$45

6304 bearing....$8

If confused on what you need to order don't hesitate to contact me. See video for install overview.

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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