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Steering Relocate for FX Nytro

For all FX Nytro Models

The Nytro steering effort is not the conventional push pull range of motion. Instead it is more of an up and down range of motion which is a bit awkward to get accustomed to. The steering relocate kit pushes the steering column front. This changes yields a more comfortable and natural push pull range of motion for the handlebars.

Install is simple. Upper mount utilizes two stainless steel brackets that relocate the mounting blocks. Two new holes get drilled into the aluminum steering gate, and the brackets serve as your template/guide so you know where to drill the holes. On the lower mount a stainless steel shim plate gets installed under the mounting blocks. Required hardware is included with the kit.

Sell Price is $40

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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