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Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

Rider Alert Device ( RAD) light

For all snowmobiles

Information below is direct from manufactures website.I do not make the RAD light, just a distributor. The units are powered by 12v RCA, which is the same as heated shield plug. I am adding an RCA splitter to the kit so you have everything needed to install it.

The RAD Light is designed to easily provide a YELLOW or GREEN display on the Left front of your ride to on-coming Riders. (You set the color with a simple switch.)

YELLOW=(CAUTION) Lets on-coming Riders know you have additional riders behind you.

GREEN=(Last Rider) Lets on-coming Riders know there are no additional riders in your group.

We designed & Built the RAD Light to provide a super fast, easy way to keep your hands on your bars while still being able to signal on-coming riders.

Like all our products, it is a NO TOOLS Plug&Play Installation,Built right here in the USA!

Simply clean the mounting surface, Peel & Stick the mounting Velcro,

Plug it in & you are ready to ride!

Legal in all states.

Retail is $50

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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