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Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

Japan Model 4th wheel Kits for Rear Axle

2010-2015 Mono II Kit

2003-2009 Models, All FX Nytro & Phazer, All XTX, & Single Shot

03- 18 Japan built sleds have only 3 wheels on the rear axle This 3 wheel set up puts extra load on the solo wheel. If the solo wheel were to fail the sled is no longer mobile. By running a 4th wheel kit the load is evenly distributed on the rear axle, and should any one wheel fail the sled can still be ridden.

20mm Axle Kit - All 03-09 sleds, & all year Phazers & FX Nytro, All 16+ Single Shot skids....$45

Mono Shock II Kit -Fits all 2010-2015 Apex and Vector 121, 128 & 136 Skids.....$60

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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