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Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

Build Your Own Linq

This kit converts the cargo mount plate to a quick release Linq attachment. This provides versatility for one to build his or her own accessory. This is ideal for those that want to mount a utility functioning crate/box with the option to quickly remove it when not needed. Plate is 16.5" long x 8" wide.

Kit retail price is $125 and includes the plate, latches, latch adaptor brackets and hardware.

The BOP cargo mount plate also has existing holes to accept the Roto Pax mounting kit. Fuel Pax are interchangeable with Roto Pax. The Fuel Pax come in slightly larger sizes and more cost effective than Roto Pax. Mounting kit as shown above is required and they do not come with the can. The std Fuel Pax sizes available in online store are listed below. 

Single Can Mount Kit...$38

1.5 Gallon...$60

2.5 Gallon...$70

3.5 Gallon...$80

Fuel and Cargo Combo Kit

We've found a way to integrate hard cases to the Rotopax fuel caddy mount to make up a combo kit. We machine the Rotopax wing nut so we can bolt the hard case base plates to it. We also install a shim plate to bottom of the case base so it does not scuff up the tank when turning it on and off. This combo kit gives both secure dry storage and fuel carrying capacity at a reasonable price. Kit is offered with 1.5 gallon caddy or a 2.5 gallon caddy. Video at top of page shows how it works. 

1.5 gallon combo kit retails for $220

2.5 gallon combo kit retails for $230

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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