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Driveshaft Saver

Fits all Sidewinder & Viper Models

1/20/23 Install Update. With these being used several seasons now I just wanted to update on something. Depending on the fit up of the bearing and shaft it is possible for the bearing to be sitting in a cocked position and not square to the shaft. If this is the case, when you lock it down with the driveshaft saver it can not self align itself anymore as it rotates. If the bearing is locked and not square, you will see tunnel and caliper flex in and out as the driveshaft rotates. To prevent this from happening its best to reduce track tension and then torque in smaller increments while rotating the shaft a few times between each torque increment. This helps ensure the bearing stays square to the shaft when being locked down. Once torqued just run the sled on a stand at slow speed and watch the caliper assembly to ensure its not flexing in and out.  To date I have not had any reports of threads stripping from too much torque.  While most new shafts snug up at 20-25 ft lbs I have been encouraging 50 ft lbs just to be on safe side. 

12/20/22.....Around mid December 2020 only Gen 2 drive shaft savers have been shipped. The Gen 2 are longer so the flats can remain exposed. Gen 2 drive shaft savers are 2" in overall length and Gen 1 are approximately 1 5/8" overall length. General consensus from customer feedback is Gen 1 should be installed so washer is flush against the end of driveshaft. If you have Gen 2 install it so the flats remain exposed. In addition to the added length the Gen 2 threaded wedge is a harder material for extra assurance against stripping. 

The driveshaft saver addresses the loose tolerance between the driveshaft and bearing found in brake caliper assembly. The shafts are spinning in the bearing race and as a result the shaft is wearing away. The driveshaft saver installs inside the hollow drive shaft and expands the shaft to tighten the tolerance. The device can be installed with the shaft still in the sled. Installation does require use of a torque wrench to seat the device.  The driveshaft saver is only effective on a shaft that has not worn. I highly encourage installation from day one as it does not take many miles for the shaft to start wearing.  If your shaft has already worn, be sure to check out my Driveshaft Repair Bearing.

Please watch both overview/installation videos above prior to installing.

Retail price is $140

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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