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Bulkhead Saver/Repair Kit

Fits Apex, Attak, Vector, Rage, RX-1, RX Warrior & RS Venture from 03-16

The bulkhead saver kit is a bolt on kit that reinforces the front bulkhead castings. The kit is designed to help prevent the lower ears from tearing out of the casting when the ski or a-arm encounters a force that can’t be absorbed by the suspension’s natural range of motion. The saver kit also protects the bulkhead from damage caused by worn or nonexistent bushings. The kit eliminates bolt rotation and forces all bushing wear to occur on the thicker bushing in the a-arm versus the thin bushing in the bulkhead.

This kit can also be used as a repair kit to hold the lower a arm bolt if the bottom ear is broken out. Previously we used to weld a lower bolt to the plate for the side that was broken, but have concluded that it was really not needed as the plate fully supports the bolt head. Starting in February 2022 the welded bolt design has been discontinued and we are now just stocking the saver/repair kit. When ordering select the repair option, as will include a bushing for the broken ear. This bushing gets installed with the flange rear facing as shown in the broken ear photo below. 

Powder coated finish. Flanged mounting hardware.

Saver kit installed on a 2008 Vector

Broken Lower Ear

"Egged" Bulkhead caused by worn out bushing.

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