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Radiator and Fan Kit

All Sidewinders

For the 22-23 season we have now omitted the T fitting previously used to fill the system. Initially the fitting was used as we felt it was necessary to bleed air while filling. Upon further testing this summer we found that the system bleeds fine with out it so the factory fill cap is adequate.  Photo below shows the new hose routing. 

New in 21-22 we now have a relocate plate for the IQS module that will allow the radiator to fit on models equipped with IQS shock package. In addition we have come up with a way to trim the stock nose cone and no longer require the BOP intercooler grill. Omitting the BOP grill drops the cost of radiator kit by $130. In addition the kit now comes with pre assembled wiring to simplify the installation. 

The Sidewinder heats up quite quickly in marginal snow dust conditions or when skirting roads to get into towns. Even just idling the Sidewinder will heat up quite quickly at a road crossing. On the stock cooling system, we found if you came to a stop with coolant temp around 170 F, it would idle for around 8.5 minutes before going into limp mode. With the radiator and fan set up we were able to prolong the overheat light at idle to 21 minutes with ambient air temperatures at around 16 F.

These kits were initially supplied with a thermostat kit to control the fan, but we found the toggle switch is more effective. If the trails are icy or you know you have a bare stretch of road to ride flip the fan on from the start so it begins dissipating heat and stalls the temp rise. If you wait until the temp light comes on and then activate the fan it will not be nearly as effective. This kit does not have the capacity to bring temperatures back down in an overheat situation. It simply provides added capacity to prolong overheating. 

Retail for the kit with a toggle switch activation is now...$470

New Hose Routing With T-Fitting Omitted

Note: The lower hose in photo is the new routing.  When testing this hose routing I did not route the other hose under frame spare as per my directions. This hose should still be routed under the spar for best hood fit up. 

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