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Oil Tank Gasket

Fits all Sidewinder & Viper Models

Install Update 1/26/23: There have been a few reported "gasket failures". I recently did a pressure test on one just to test the integrity of rubber to make sure it was not inferior for some reason. It held just fine all the way up to 50 psi, which is extreme considering it should be 1-2 psi max on a running sled. I'm starting to wander if my original spec of 6 ft lbs is too low on a 150lb wrench especially if quality and calibration of wrench is not the best.  Using an inch lb wrench will provide a more sensitive and accurate torque. I've always used an inch lb wrench and never gave it any thought until now.  So from hear on out please torque to 72 inch lbs when tightening the screws. 

The rubber gasket is designed to seal the oil tank housing to the outer chain case cover in place of RTV gasket maker. The RTV gasket is notorious for developing slow leaks. Once a leak developes, they often times are stubborn to seal up again. This gasket is constructed of an oil resistant rubber. Gasket is a direct fit on the Viper. Sidewinders require some minor trimming to clear the screen and a casting rib. See video for explanation on this trimming.

When installing, torque screws to 72 inch lbs and apply blue Loctite to the screws. 

Gasket retail price is $30

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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