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Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

136" Rail Savers

Fits 06-07 Attak, 08-09 Apex LTX, 06-07 Rage & 08-09 Vector LTX

The 136 mono shock suspensions are prone to cracking the outer rail stiffener and cracking the rear arm mount holes in the rail itself.

The BOP stiffeners are constructed out of steel to provide additional strength over the stock aluminum stiffener. Final finish will be a silver or black powdercoat.

The stiffener is also longer so it provides reinforcement to the rail where the rear arm mounts.

The stiffener can also serve as a repair kit for rails that are already cracked at the rear arm mount hole.

The rail saver kit also includes a cross shaft to provide additional strength. The mono shock II suspensions have a similar cross shaft behind the rear pivot arm. The shaft gets mounted using the factory rear idler wheel mount holes. The rear idlers then get relocated behind the BOP stiffener.

Sell price for this kit will be $155. It will include a LH stiffener, RH stiffener, cross shaft, and all necessary hardware as needed. Just one factory Yamaha outer stiffener lists for $131!!

Cracked factory outer stiffener

Stress crack at rear mount hole

Cross shaft location and relocated rear wheel

Side by side comparison. Factory on top and BOP stiffener on bottom

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