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Skidoo (MPS) Mechanical Power Steering 

Fits Ras 3 and Ras X Front End 

In fall of 2019 I acquired a 2019 900 Enduro with intensions of possibly expanding products for Skidoo sleds. I went on to develop an MPS kit for the 900 Enduro with the RAS 3 front end and the concept worked flawlessly. I never really advertised the kit and mainly just built them on an as needed basis for customers that reached out to me. In February of 2022 someone stirred up an old post on Dootalk and I started getting lots of inquiries for Skidoo kits. With the help of some customers willing to send me components and use their sleds for test fit up I've been able to develop a new kit that fits the RAS X front end for the 22-23 season. For details on the theory and function of the concept visit the MPS Powersteering Page.

21-23 RAS X Kit

In an effort to reduce costs and make installation simpler I was able to eliminate the need for pre bent tie rods. If one wishes to use the rear most hole (easiest steering) a slight modification to the sway bar link is needed so the tie rod does not rub on the link. The customer who tested the kit at the end of this past season stated that the 1st and 2nd hole were all that was needed, but I still opted to keep the 3rd hole as most of my Yamaha customers run the 3rd hole.  Running front and middle hole requires just switching the sway bar link to the inboard position as shown in photo below. I provide a new upper bolt with smaller head so there is no interference with body panel as it travels through its range. For those that want to use the 3rd hole you also need to notch the link. Included is a drawn to scale template so one can easily mark the modifications needed on the link. I just used a burr on an an air tool to easily notch it out.  This kit will fit 21-23 Ras X models. Retail for the kit is $275

New Sway Bar Link Orientation

Notched Sway Bar Link

Mounting and Hardware Orientation

19-20 RAS 3 Kit

This kit was developed in fall of 2019 for the RAS 3 front end and utilized pre bent tie rods like I had done on all the Yamaha kits. We have now revised this kit and omitted the bent tie rods. They are no longer needed as we have integrated RAS X concepts into this kit. The sway bar link gets flipped and link needs notched to use rear most hole as mentioned in the RAS X info. This kit will also retail for $275. 

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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