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Marginal Wheel Kits

For 14-24 Procross models


These wheel kits are designed to work in various spots on the rails to reduce slide wear. They are available with 2.75" wheels or 4.25". Naturally the larger the wheel the better, as bearing life is increased, but clearance issues may require the smaller wheel. These kits will fit nearly anywhere on the rails, however we are working through where they can safely be placed to avoid interference.  We will post details below once we have determined what locations work. They are sold as a pair. Kits with 2.75" wheels are $130 and 4.25" kits are $135.

14-18 RTX 129 Models
129 rail.jpg

The 129 rails have (3) triangle cutouts on the bend of rail. Some years the oem idler wheel is behind the center shock shaft as shown and others it is in front and blocks the rear 3rd triangle.

If the oem idler is in front of the cross shaft then a 4.25" wheel has to be mounted in the front triangle as shown. If the oem Idler is behind the center shock shaft then the 4.25" wheel can also be mounted in the middle triangle. 

The 2.75" wheel can mount in either the front or middle triangle. 

137 rail.jpg

The 137 rail has (3) triangle cut outs. 

The 2.75" wheels can be mounted in any of the 3 triangle cut outs. 

The 4.25" wheels can be mounted in front or middle triangle. It is possible to mount in the 3rd triangle but if the wheel would loosen up it could slide back and lock up the oem wheel so we don't recommend this.

14-18 LTX137 Models

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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