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Ice Scratchers

Universal for all sleds

Duraflex Style 

Straight Line Performance Style

Scratcher installed via our mounting kit. Mounting brackets are made of stainless steel and designed to break away for safety in the event of a hard snag. Clip in the rear ensures the scratcher stays up on the ski when you don't want them down. Mounting the scratchers on the inside of ski provides a more effective spray of snow for models with the running board coolers. Putting them on the skis also reduces paint chips on the rails and suspension arms. 

New for the 18-19 season we are now including a set of clips with the mounts which will be used to keep the scratchers up on the ski when not needed. Some skis don't have a deep lip for the scratcher to latch on to and the clips provide an easy solution that works on just about any ski. All one has to do is drill a 3/16" hole in the saddle. You then simply slide the clip over the scratcher and then insert the clip into the hole as shown in photo above. Mounting kit will retail for $25. Mounting kit is free with purchase of scratchers. Be sure to select correct option when you check out.

We tested a set of these during an icey hardpack weekend of riding and were very impressed so we figured we'd share some feedback on them. We mounted a set on the rails of our SR Viper xtx.. We had the radiator fan on a toggle switch so we could turn it off and see just how effective the scratchers would be. With the fan off, the viper would continue to rise to the limp mode shut down temp. When we dropped the scratchers down, our viper would consistently run 165-170 on the same trails with no fan assistance! We put them up and down several times with same results each time. The Viper only has a front tunnel cooler, so contrary to what some say, you do not need to have a rear cooler or running board coolers for scratchers to effectively aid in cooling.

Aside from cooling benefits, the scratchers also aid in keeping sliders lubed. There was the smell of burnt slides among our group from other sleds in the group during our day testing these.

We offer both the Duraflex or the Straight Line Performance. Both are cable style but each use a different style carbide set up. Carbides are replaceable on both styles. 

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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