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Japan Throttle Lever Conversion

Fits all SR Viper & Sidewinder Models

Yamaha has used the same throttle lever on all 4 stroke sleds coming from Japan since 03. When we started putting some miles on our viper last season, the feel of the Viper throttle lever felt awkward and clumsy. Sure you could get used to it after a few hours, but jump back on an apex, vector nytro etc and you are quickly reminded how much nicer the Japan lever feels. We have developed a kit which allows for the install of a "Japan" throttle lever on any SR Viper.

The mechanical aspect of the conversion was easily handled by us here at BOP. The lever will come with hardware needed to be a direct install on the SR Viper throttle block housing. The electrical aspect of the conversion was beyond our expertise so we teamed up with the creator of the "Yamaheater" handwarmer plug and play kits which boost handwarmer heat. Rock is an electrical engineer and avid snowmobiler so it was a no brainer to work with him on this product. 

The input leads of the adapter plug directly into the factory thumb warmer plug in the harness. The output leads plug into the Japan lever. Completely plug and play. We incorporated more heat output on the high setting with this adapter beings Rock has had complaints of the thumb warmer not getting warm enough.

Sell Price for complete kit is $120. The kit comes with a good used throttle lever with mounting hardware and a new plug and play adaptor. We originally intended to supply the kits with a new aftermarket lever, but in the 40 we ordered, not 1 had an ohm reading in spec! In order to hold same sell price we opted to use up the good used levers we have in stock.

We will sell the plug and play adapter alone for $60 if you happen to have a throttle laying around. For plug and play the throttle must be the short lead style found on RX-1, 05-07 Vector, 05-07 Rage etc. The apex, phazer, nytro, and newer vectors have a longer lead with different style plug. 

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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