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Procross Cargo Mount Plate

For Sidewinder & SR Viper

These versatile aluminum mounting plates allow for the installation of Linq, Rotopax, and Givi accessories onto Sidewinder and Viper tunnels. The plate has integrated holes to accept Linq brackets, Rotox mounting base, and the Givi monolock base. The use of shims between the mount plate and tunnel ensure there is clearance for the hardware. Plates will be available in natural or black powdercoat. Dimensions of plate are 16.5" x 8".

Kit retail price is $95 and includes the plate, shims and tunnel attachment hardware.

129 Models may require a riser kit depending on which accessory you intend to install. The riser kit raises the cargo plate so it clears the taillight and can be mounted farther back on the tunnel. Without the riser kit larger accessories such as the Givi cases or Linq 4 gallon caddy will not clear the seat. The riser kit can also be used on larger tunnels as well to gain more space and allow factory tool bag to remain. The riser kit is $35. 

It is highly recommend that tunnel reinforcement such as our Rear Tunnel Saver is implemented before attempting to carry any cargo on the Viper & Sidewinder!

Riser Kit Brackets

Givi Hard Case Mono Lock Base Plate

Rotopax Base Mounting Kit

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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