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Barn of Parts Sled Salvage LLC

Bulkhead Repair Kit

Fits Apex, Attak, Vector, Rage, RX-1, RX Warrior & RS Venture from 04-17

The bulkhead repair kit is a bolt on kit that fixes a bulkhead with a torn out lower ear. Bulkheads are riveted into the chassis and replacing one is a very labor intensive process. This kit costs less than a new bulkhead and turns a day project into just a few hours. Once the repair kit is installed the benefits of the saver kit also exist. Kits are available to fix throttle side, clutch side or both sides.

Powder coated finish. Flanged mounting hardware.

Broken lower ear

"Egged" bulkhead from worn bushing

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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