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Excell "X" Idler Wheels

Excell Motorsports has designed a 135.8mm idler "X" wheel for Yamaha Snowmobiles that will replace the stock (or Yamaha Accessory) 129.37mm wheels. Excell Motorsports has tested the 135.8mm wheel for over 2 years with major benefits in slider wear and longevity. The "X" Wheel is solid with no holes to help combat freezing of the wheel in place. It is also a direct bolt on replacment with no need for longer bolts or machining of the mount to make it fit. It is a direct replacement wheel for inside or outside the rail. The "X" wheel comes with the replaceable 6005 NTN bearing. Price per wheel is $29.95.

Wheels will fit the following:

05 RX-1

06-14 Apex

05-14 Vector

08-14 FX Nytro

06-07 RS Nytro

07-14 Phazer

06-14 RS Venture

Yamaha 4 Stroke Snowmobile Specialists

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